Sunday, April 15, 2007

WiFi iPod, Coming Soon We All Hope

It's going to happen. It is. Sooner or later. So get used to the idea, maybe even start loving the idea, maybe start wanting one, because it will be soon.

MP3 players makers are rushing to add new features into their products because of the competition from mobile phones. The analysts predict music-enabled mobiles will outnumber standalone MP3 devices by five to one come 2012.

Universal Scientific Industrial (USI) has been named as a supplier for the WiFi technology, while Foxconn is expected to produce the finished units.

Adding WiFi to an iPod could allow communicating with iTunes without the need for a USB cable to transfer music to the device and perhaps streaming audio and video content. Of course, these rumors are often completely wrong too, but it would make sense for Apple to try to improve upon Zune's wireless support.

Apple should be able to release the product by the third quarter of this year just in time for the holiday season in the United States.

Market analysts believe that Apple would have to improve upon the battery capacity of the iPod if they are indeed going to launch a Wi-Fi version. Zune users are mostly disappointed with the backup provided by their players when used in Wi-Fi enabled mode. Though adding WiFi might just turn the iPod into too similar of a relative of the iPhone...which is a phone at the same time but with less storage space, whereas the WiFi iPod would be more space but no phone. These choices would be nice because they could appeal to different audiences.

Add WiFi, lengthen battery life, and work out all the kinks, and I could see it being a success....for everyone who doesn't already have an iPhone that they love by that time.

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